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Media Visits iDAPT

Recently,  The Star and the CBC’s “The National” came to explore the numerous innovations incubated at the iDAPT facility.  For a look into what the reporters had to say about the projects at Toronto rehab, follow the links below.  All of the articles have a clear objective of showing the emphasis and the impact  that these projects could have on the everyday life of the general public, particularly on the growing senior population.

Toronto Star Papers





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3D Scanning and Printing in Medical Applications

Steven Pong recently presented at the Engineering Innovations forum in 3D imaging. In the video below, Steve describes what 3D printing is and the impact the technology has had in the medical field. He steps through the history of the applications of 3D printing from X-ray to MRI imaging to organ printing. He then demonstrates how motion tracking of subjects is used in biomechanical studies and lastly describes how he uses 3D printing in the development of medical devices at work and highlights the ease that this technology has had in the design process of prototypes.

If you want to find out more about 3D printing in other fields, click on the following link

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