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Global Edmonton Article on WinterLab

Global Edmonton | Canadian scientists study snow slips and falls in winter laboratory


Slipping on ice or snow is a rite of passage in Canadian winters. But a group of scientists working in an ice-rink laboratory are looking into how to avoid those nasty wipe outs that leave us with sprained ankles, thrown backs and broken bones.

In the WinterLab at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, researchers don parkas, scarves and hats to brave subzero temperatures and walk on icy surfaces to see how Canadians can avoid falling.


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Rick Mercer Visit

The Rick Mercer Report visited Toronto Rehab today. Rick took a scooter for a ride outside in the slush, walked up a snowy ramp, fell down some stairs in StairLab and steered a driving simulator. Here are some photos of his visit.

Rick Mercer

The following video shows Rick learning about the capabilities of StairLab.

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Tim Giblin

Tim Giblin

Tim is a volunteer at Toronto Rehab and has helped out our team by doing tours of the lab for visitors for a number of years. He also happens to have been a patient here at Toronto Rehab. Tim shares his experience in the videos below recorded on February 14th, 2012 at the Allied Health Research Day.

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Geoff’s presents to a panel on health policy

This is a talk Geoff gave at a conference on health care policy in Ottawa in 2011. Geoff speaks at 28:20 and answers a question at 59:15. Unfortunately, the camera stays on Geoff rather than cutting to his slides, but if you’ve seen his other talk, you can imagine what he’s describing.

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Geoff Fernie presents some of our team’s work at the Canadian Associating on Gerontology conference on Aging in a Changing World held in Oct 2012 at Simon Fraser University.

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