Shaghayegh Bagheri

Zahra Bagheri 3

Shaghayegh Bagheri is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at University of Ontario Institute of technology. Her interests encompass advanced manufacturing technology of multi-functional materials capable of sensing and responding to different stimuli. Her primary research objective is to apply her knowledge and experience in biomechanics, material science and advance manufacturing techniques towards providing solutions for applications in health care sector for rehabilitation, injury prevention and treatment. Previously, Dr. Bagheri was the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) Research Fellow at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, part of the University Health Network in Toronto, where she applied her knowledge of advanced manufacturing technology and smart materials to design and optimize surface-textured composites to develop new slip-resistant materials for use in footwear. Prior to that, she has held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) where she conducted pre-clinical research on the design, development and characterization of 3D printed fully porous biomaterials for prosthetic implants and tissue engineering applications. She is the recipient of multiple honours and awards from the Ontario Center of Excellence and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.