Kara Hawkins

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Kara joined the Home and Community Team in December 2015 and holds a Canadian Institutes of Health Research postdoctoral fellowship. She earned her MSc and PhD in Kinesiology and Health Science, along with a Neuroscience Graduate Diploma, from York University. Her previous research focused on the effects of aging and Alzheimer’s disease on the brain’s ability to control complex reaching movements. The goal of this research was to inform the development of a novel tablet-based clinical assessment tool for the early detection of visuomotor impairments associated with Alzheimer’s disease risk. She is now expanding upon this previous work by evaluating the relationship between clinical assessments and both walking and driving behaviours under simulated real-world multitasking conditions in older adults with varying degrees of cognitive impairment. For more information see http://mive.ca/dr-kara-hawkins/.