The idea for Toilevator came when the Home and Community Team was located in the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. Geoff Fernie was asked to come up with a better solution to the raised toilet seats that fit onto the top of standard height toilets.


Raised toilet seats are notoriously unsafe, unsightly and unsanitary. The typical toilet bowl with the seat is 14.5″ whereas the optimal height of the seat and wheelchair is about 19″ . The frail and elderly find it really difficult to stand up from them and moreover the toilets are also too low for an easy wheelchair transfer.


After prototype design and reviews, the amazing idea of lifting the entire toilet and not just the toilet seat was put on the table. The advantage of this design is that the consumer can still use the toilet in the manner it was designed for. Furthermore, the final design had the advantage that it blended in with the bathroom and was not noticeable.

Current Status

The Toilevator is officially available on the market with the help of our commercializing partner Hartmobility. It has won several awards including being name the Product of the Year by the CanadianHardware and Housewares Manufacturers Association in 2000.

How do you buy one?

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Testimonials from Amazon

“This is a wonderful product for anyone who has trouble getting on or off the toilet. My husband has very bad knees and I suffer from arthritis and this device makes doing what we all have to do so much easier! It is very easy to install as well. Highly recommended!”


“The Toilevator did raise my toilet 3.5 inches, which was just what I needed. I am in a wheelchair 24/7 so getting on and off the toilet is necessary several times a day (and night). I have long legs, so my chair is quite high off the ground which made it nearly impossible to transfer up to it each time. The Toilevator raised the seat up and now my problems are over. The only drawback is my legs barely touch the ground when sitting, so shorter people may have a problem. I didn’t want an ugly thick toilet seat, so this solved the problem. My husband installed it and he says it takes some know-how and the toilet needs to be lifted two or three times. If you are not handy, you may need a plumber. However, it is a great product and doesn’t look too bad either.”