Tilak Dutta

Tilak Dutta

Tilak is a Scientist at TRI and leads the Home and Community Team. He completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 at the University of Toronto focused on preventing back injury in caregivers (Two resulting papers can be found here.) The video below is targeted at caregivers to give them a better understanding of how back injuries happen and how they can prevent them in their day-to-day work. This work as included developing new materials for training healthcare workers  and new equipment for making their work safer such as SlingSerter.

His past work includes studies of scooter maneuverability to make recommendations for changes to building codes as well as the design of anti-collision systems for power wheelchairs to give more wheelchair users greater independence. More recently, Tilak has also turned his attention to footwear slip-resistance testing on ice and snow. His goal is to provide consumers with ratings that define how well the footwear works on snow and ice so that we can all make more informed purchases.

Another theme in Tilak’s work includes finding ways to measure things in the real world rather than in the lab. During his PhD, he measured patient handling activities in the clinical environment. He has evaluated the Microsoft Kinect to see if it can be used as a portable motion capture tool in the workplace for performing biomechanical studies. This paper is currently (as of November 2016) the most cited article from Applied Ergonomics and has been cited over 250 times. It is described here:

Finally, Tilak wants to change the way engineering design is taught to students. Design requires testing out ideas to see if they will work and to keep trying when they do not. Typical courses don’t give students enough time to test iterations of prototypes. Tilak incorporates design within students’ graduate projects.

Here is a list of his patents, appointments, grants and papers:

SlingSerter – King EC, Sobchak AM, Griggs GT, Fernie GR, Wilcox PJ, and Dutta T. Lifting Assist Device. US Patent 8,403,299 B2 Filed Jan 26 2012, published Jul 19 2012, granted/issued Mar 26, 2013.

RoboNurse – Fernie GR, Sobchak AM, Dutta T, Smyth TD, Chin C. Patient Lift and Positioning System, and Adjustable Components Thereof. US Patent Application No. US61/728,689 filed 20 November 2012.

Anti-collision wheelchair – Griggs GT, Dutta T and Fernie GR. Powered wheelchair. US provisional application, filed 9 September 2008; US patent application #12/585,250, filed 9 September 2009.

SlingSerter – King EC, Sobchak AM, Griggs GT, Dutta T, Fernie GR and Wilcox PJ. Lifting Assist Device. US provisional patent application #60/924,318 filed 9 May, 2007; PCT patent application #CA2008/000929 and US patent application #12/149,845, filed 8 May 2008.

Scientist, Team Leader – Home and Community Team

iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – UHN

Assistant Professor (Status only)
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
University of Toronto

Assistant Professor (Status only)
Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Toronto

Assistant Professor (Status only)
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
University of Toronto

Selecting slip-resistant footwear for workers to use outdoors in winter
Principal Investigator: Dutta T
Co-Lead: Fernie G
Co-investigator: Holyoke P, Perry S,
Ministry of Labour (Ontario) – Research for the Workplace (R4W)
$228,365 CAD
June 2016 – May 2018

Wearable caregiver posture coaching feedback system
Principal Investigator: Dutta T
Strategic Investment Program: $25,000 CAD
April 2016 – March 2017

Pressure ulcer prevention: a novel prompting system for patient repositioning
Principal Investigator: Dutta T
Co-investigator: Fernie G
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Proof of Principle: Phase I $137,401 CAD
April 2016 – March 2017

Evaluation of winter footwear: comparison of test methods
Principal Investigator: Gauvin C
Co-investigators: Dutta T, Li Y, Pearsall D
Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail
$58,315 ($34,230 – held at TRI) CAD
January 2016 – June 2017

Reinventing the Wheel: A Think Tank to Optimize Community Mobility for Older Adults
Principal Investigator : Paula Gardner
Co-investigators: Alvaro C, Rudman D, Treviranus J, Dutta T
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
May 2016 – April 2017

RERC on Universal Design in the Built Environment
Principal Investigator: Ed Steinfeld
Co-investigators: (from TRI) Fernie G, Novak A and Dutta T
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
$200,000 USD sub-award held at TRI
November 2015 – October 2020

Field measurement of ergonomic stressors experienced by community-based PSWs
Principal Investigator: King E
Co-investigators: Callaghan J, Kulic D; Dutta T
Centre of Research Expertise for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders
$9,900 CAD
September 2015 – April 2016

Identifying risk factors for injury in community-based PSWs and potential interventions for injury prevention
Principal Investigator: Jaglal S
Co-Lead: Dutta T
Co-investigator: King E; Holyoke P; Kajaks T
Ministry of Labour (Ontario) – Research for the Workplace (R4W)
$225,000 CAD
May 2015 – April 2017

An innovation for relocating a toilet to ease access for the frail elderly at homecare in the home
Principal Investigator: Dutta T
Co-investigators: Fernie G
Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network
$19,949 CAD
March 2015 – April 2016

Wearable caregiver posture coaching feedback system
Principal Investigator: Dutta T
Co-investigators: Fernie G, Ray K
Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network
$19,588 CAD
March 2015 – July 2016

Shining the light on the physical challenges of providing care in the home
Principal Investigator: Dutta T
Co-investigators: King E, Ray K, Kajaks T, Beaton D, Cameron J
Women’s Xchange $14,980 CAD
January 2015 – July 2016

Preventing back injury in nurses
Principal Investigator: Dutta T
Collaborators: Geoff Fernie and David Wong
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board funded $39, 850 CAD
Bridging the Gap grant # 12121
April 2013 – May 2014

Ford, Daniel; Ortega, Theodoce; Kajaks, Tara; Longfield, Amanda, Dutta T, 2016. PostureCoach: A pilot study of a wearable,real-time posture coaching system. Applied Ergonomics. Submitted.

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