November 2015 was Fall Prevention month

Events at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute included:

  • Daily webinars at lunch with practical fall-prevention advice (YouTube links to all talks are found below)
  • Footwear testing open house for the public on icy slopes using our WinterLab test method
  • Balance testing for the public in FallsLab
  • Tours of our labs 

Live daily webinars archived on YouTube

You can watch all of our talks on falls prevention on YouTube using the links below. You can subscribe to our Fall Prevention Month at Toronto Rehab YouTube channel here to be sure you do not miss future talks. More information about research at Toronto Rehab can be found at idapt.com.

Future Events:

  • Come to TRI to test your footwear on icy slopes in WinterLab. If you missed your chance during fall prevention month, Yue Li, will be hosting additional footwear testing sessions throughout the winter. Please contact Yue Li at yue.li@uhn.ca or 416-597-3422 x7950 for more information. You will be eligible to partake in the activity if you:
    • can walk for 20 minutes without stopping
    • go outdoors in the winter time
    • have no breathing or heart condition
    • do not take drugs that affect your balance or mobility
    • do not have osteoporosis

Sign up for our mailing list here to stay updated on other fall prevention related events. Download our Fall Prevention Month Poster here.

Let’s keep the conversation going!

We believe part of the problem is the lack of awareness of the magnitude of this problem. Help us raise awareness by telling us about a fall you or someone you know had and impact it had on twitter using #PreventFalls2015.


For any questions or comments related to Fall Prevention Month, please contact Tilak Dutta.

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